Day 9 Blog Challenge

Day 9 Blog Challenge: Name the things in your life that has helped make a difference in your life. 

1. My littles. They are my life and make my life worth it every day.

2. My family. I don’t know what I’d do without them. They are all amazing.

3. My true friends. They help push me through.

4. My dog. She has helped save me.

5. School. It’s helped give me hope and motivation to do better in life.

6. My Drugs and Society class. It has helped change my relationship with my loved one and save our relationship completely.

7. All the bad things that have happened in my life. None of them are regrets or pain anymore. They are lessons learned.

8. God and faith. I believe in him and have faith. Having faith has helped change me.

9. Everyone and everything that has ever tried to help my littles and I.

10. The Grounded and Moving workshop I did recently. It has changed me for the better and helped me grow.

11. Forgiveness. Without it, I would still be the mad, sad, hurt, and impossible person I was.

12. My little’s father. Without him, I wouldn’t have had my littles.


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