Coming Together

It’s amazing when people can come together to help support each other and be there for each other.

Yesterday was proof of that. When my little’s father and Little #2 was in the accident, I was freaking out and couldn’t come to their rescue since they were in my car. But the police, ambulance, and firetruck came to help them and there were a few people that stopped to help. The police officer even gave them a ride back to their father’s home because the car is broken a lot. That was amazing to me. I let my older sister know what was going on because I didn’t know what to do. She came to my side and even was going to leave work to help me get there and make sure they were okay. My mom and foster mom tried to help me out to try and figure out what to do as well. I was freaking out and even my little’s father helped calm me down and was there for me and our son. I’m beyond blessed to have these loved ones, that we all came together, and that no one was hurt, just car is beat up more.

I’m also amazed at myself because normally in this, I would be negative, mean, completely stressed, and mad than ever. Also the bravery of my son Little #2. He’s so strong and brave.




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