Day 6 Blog Challenge

I missed the day 6 Blog challenge so here it is. Day 6 Blog Challenge: What would you tell you 16 year old self?

I would tell my 16 year old self to slow down, enjoy the moments, and be true to myself. For a long time I was in a rush to accomplish everything and to do everything I’ve never done before that I never fully enjoyed all the moments. I was so stuck in life and focused on the negative and the past, even back then. The past and negatives did kind of haunt me but only because I let it. When I wasn’t stuck on that, I was trying to fit in as much as possible with the people around me. I was pretending to be having sex and smoking to try and fit in when that really wasn’t me at all. I didn’t want all that. I wanted to finish school, succeed, and eventually settle down. I should have just stayed true to myself.

Also I would have told myself that it does get better. Eventually, it will. Everything will fall into place the way it’s supposed to so stop worrying, stressing, and focusing on the past. Also to believe in myself. 💖


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