So Far So Good!

Seeing my little’s faces this morning when finding our elf on the shelf, reading his good deed for the day, finding their Christmas Advent Book Calendar, and reading his compliments for the day was priceless!!

They both got a arts and crafts book for our Elf and loved it! They both can’t wait to try some of the arts and crafts.

For the good deed of the day, it is to compliment everyone at least once and they both got a compliment from the Elf. Little #1’s compliment was that she is beautiful and has very nice hair. It helped her very much. She said that since the Elf said that, that she didnt want a wig for Christmas anymore and wasn’t going to wear her fake hair. I’m glad she’s feeling more comfortable! Little #2’s compliment was that he has a very nice smile and is a very good big boy. He loved it and worked on being good this morning.

So far so good! Great morning so far!


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