Day 5 Blog Challenge

Day 5 Blog Challenge: Post your favorite blog and describe why they are your favorite blog. Mine is Fostering Hope.

*Fostering Hope at

This is one of my favorite all time blogs. A lot has to do with the fact that I was in foster care for a long time with my sister. I know what’s it’s like being in foster care and how it is growing up in foster care. But I never completely knew what it was like for a foster parent: what they go through, what their motivation is for doing it in the first place, everything they have to go through in order to do it in the first place, everything they have to go through after they do start doing foster care, the struggles and the joys of it, etc. I’ve heard bad things about foster parents from a birth parent of mine that was partially jealous and mad at the fact that we had a foster parent raise us and also because they didn’t completely understand how foster care worked or the details or struggles or joys or motivation in the first place of foster care. Sure, the circumstances are different since adoption is now in place but the blog has still helped me out greatly. Reading Fostering Hope has helped put a great new view on foster care for myself and I’m sure, a lot of others. I now understand my own foster mom more and respect her more in tons of ways. We are very close now and that has a lot to do with this blog. It also helped inspire me to do foster care myself one day to help out others.


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