Church & Christmas Holiday Celebration

Today has been a stressful but good one.

I’ve been feeling the need to go to church more for a while and so, we got up and actually went. We’ve been to this church before but haven’t been there in a few months besides Wednesday youth group for my littles. Both littles went to children’s church and I went to the service. I was nervous about sitting by myself but almost instantly felt comfortable especially during the songs and greeting others. I learned a lot and so did my littles. Somehow, it brought us a lot of peace by going.

Afterwards, I had kind of a surprise for them. The Salvation Army had a Christmas holiday type of celebration going on a hour after church. We went to it last year but I wanted to keep it a surprise this year from my littles until we got there.

Part of going though, was that we had to bring a donation of a toy or cash. I thought it would be nice to donate a toy each that my littles picked out for someone less fortunate. We went to the store and I let them pick out something nice for someone else. Little #1 picked out a set of 3 cars and Little #2 picked out a motorcycle. They were very excited. They were a little sad though because they don’t know if they will be getting anything from Santa but I keep trying to stress that it’s not about presents, it’s about spending time with family and loved ones. Hard for them to understand. I want to teach them about Christ in Christmas but I have no clue how to since I don’t even know about it myself. We’ve been volunteering a lot so I hope that helps.

At the Christmas holiday celebration, they had arts and crafts that all the kids could make, santa so all the kids could get a picture with him, a Christmas movie, popcorn, cookies, hot chocolate, and a raffle. It was very nice. My sister and her kids came with too.






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