Co Parenting Sucks

Co parenting just sucks big time when the parents no longer live together. Plain old sucks majorly. There’s no sugar coating that.

I thought it was going well. I really did. For a while. We were getting along well, communicating like we never have before, being civil towards each other even when we weren’t agreeing on something, putting our best foots forward for our littles, making everything about them for the better. We were actually getting along and doing well as a parenting team for the first time in 7 years and it actually lasted about two months. Big accomplishment right there! We were so proud and so were our littles.

And then it happened. I started expecting more from him as a father to our littles and expecting him to be there in all ways as a father to them like he should be. He suggested we hook up casually. Went well. We both made clear it wasn’t going to change anything and there were no feeling or attachments. Then I suggested the same but more like a hook up session we have never done before that included our fetishes, no attachments, no talking, role playing, etc. Both of us were really into it. Didn’t end up happening because of my schooling that day. Both were bummed. Then something happened with Little #1 and I needed him as her father to be there and so did she. But he wasn’t completely. Maybe a little over the phone. But that was it. Not okay. It was a major issue that needed to be addressed. Then something happened with Little #2. He was being very aggressive, beating me up, throwing things, etc and I needed their dad there to help and so did he. But he wasn’t there. Maybe a little through the phone but not there like he should have been.

Now everything has changed. There’s barely any communication. There’s no being civil. There’s no helping. There’s no nothing. I’m over it.

Co parenting sucks ass!!!


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