My littles are everything to me. They are my world. Without them, I don’t know what I would do with myself. We’ve always been together their whole lives so to be without them, would ruin them and I.

Right now my littles are going through some difficulties and man, it is beyond hard to see them going through the things they are going through! I as a parent want to protect them from any harm that comes their way and help them as much as possible. Of course I can’t protect them from everything even though I really wish I could. All the bullies, I would I could straighten out and make them leave my littles alone. There is nothing wrong with my littles and there’s no reason to bully them in any way. Makes me so angry. I try to protect littles and explain that if they love themselves, then it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of them and that God made them who they are for a reason. Of course that doesn’t work all the time with them because as children they want everyone to love them and like them which I completely understand. Just so hard to see your littles suffering. If I could put them in a big bubble or homeschool them or make those other kids leave them alone, I would be all over it in a heart beat.

Please give us hope and prayers that things will get better for my littles.


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