Day 1 Blog Challenge

I’ve decided to start one of the blog challenges to help everyone get to know my blog, myself, and my littles a little better. I’m beyond excited!

So here’s day 1 of my blog challenge:

List 15 facts about yourself that probably no one else knows about yourself.
1. I don’t have a favorite color. If I had to pick one, it would be a tie between the colors red, purple, and black. Those are the best colors in my world lol.

2. I hate scary movie. They totally freak me out. If I watch one, I can’t sleep and will have nightmares. I’m a big baby about scary movies.

3. I love kids but some other people’s kids, drive me crazy. Some are just mean. But I strongly believe kids are a product of their environment so if the kids are mean or aggressive, it could be because that’s how the kid is being treated at home, what they grew up around, or because of deep down issues so I sympathize and emphasis with them and try to help them.

4. I’m in a changing, learning, and growth stage in my life. I’m changing and growing as a person. I’m learning more about myself, my littles, everyone around me, and life itself every day.   

5. I used to be a big judgment person towards everyone. I used to judge everyone and not be nice to most. I’m more sympathetic and emphatic towards others now.

6. I have targets in life and will reach them.

7. One of my biggest targets in my life is that I want to make a difference in someone’s life and help change their life.

8. Change is hard for me but now with the period I’m in my life, I’m more accepting of it and embracing it.

9. This will be my littles, our dog, and I first thanksgiving together alone. I have no clue what I’m doing but am trying my hardest.

10. Music and books are amazing to me. They are like my own personal therapy. They take me to a whole new world.

11. I love color. In all aspects. Color helps me. It gives me joy and hope. I can’t stand white walls. It just depresses me. So I have pictures and my littles art work all hung up around my house.            

12. Tacos are my favorite food! They are AMAZING! So yummy. I could seriously eat them days!

13. I love cooking. I don’t exactly know how to cook most foods but I love learning how.
14. The rain puts me right to sleep. I love when it rains. I leave the windows open a little bit when it does and my littles and I are put right to sleep.

15. I don’t believe in fairy tales. But I do believe life is how you make it. It’s all up to you, the hard work you put into it, and the choices you make. No one can make your choices for you and make you happy, rich, or anything. It’s all up to you


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