Hard Day

Today has been a hard day. One that has made me want to just scream, yell as loud as I can, and cry my eyes out. I’ve been trying to be more positive about everything and embrace life but today was just a long stressful day and it got to me.

It was because of nothing in particular, just a few minor things. My doctor upped my medications for my depression and anxiety recently and today was the first day I took them. I’ve had the worst headache ALL day I think from taking them since my body still has to get used to them. It still won’t go away!

Communication has been a big issue today. It’s been a lot of miscommunication going on and it drives me up the wall! Since the past about month, I can take a step back, calmly figure out the problem, and find a solution but oh no, not today at all. I just have been wanting to be left alone today and not be messed with. Of course, no luck with that at all.

My kids have been constantly bickering back and forth over the littlest things all day! Doesn’t matter what it is, they pick a fight with each other about it and argue until I have to break them up or one is in tears because the other one is being mean. Been driving me crazy!

I will admit, I’ve yelled today. I’ve lost my temper and had to go in a timeout myself.  I’ve had to ground and center myself. I feel bad for the way I was today and apologized to my kids before they went to bed.

Now, I’m laying here in my bed with my dog and my kids. All of us are sleeping in my bed tonight (thank goodness for a king sized bed!) and I’m stuck in between two of them. As I lay here listening to them breathe and watch them sleep so peacefully, I can’t help but think yes, today was not a good day at all BUT tomorrow is a brand new day and will be better. No point I’m focusing on the bad day today or going to bed mad or upset because of it otherwise I’ll wake up the same.

I’m a very thankful for my babies and our dog. They are my world. They make me want to wake up every morning, do my best, do something with my life, look forward to tomorrow, & live life to the fullest with no regrets, only lessons learned.



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