The Small Moments In Life

There are so many times everyone gets so caught up with life it’s self and forgets to enjoy and appreciate the small moments. I am one of them that constantly does that. I end up focusing on what went wrong, what I could have done to make it better, how I wish things would have worked out better, etc. So much so that I forget to actually live life and enjoy it.

Since I have became aware of myself doing that, I have been trying to pay attention more, enjoy life, and be actively present. Let me tell you, it is pretty hard after you have been doing something for so long because it becomes a habit, but it is so well worth it. I have noticed the way my kids smile when I pay attention to what they have to say. The way people change their behavior kind of when you don’t feed into it. The way it feels when you only have been eating healthy (FEELS AMAZING!!). The way my kids feel more. The way they are more comfortable with me now. The way when someone comes at me with a attitude and I don’t take it personally so I ground myself and center myself before I react and almost immediately their complete attitude changes. I’ve noticed all that and more.

Now, if I would have just stopped and taken the time to pay attention to the small things in life way before, I would have saved myself a lot of worry, unworthiness, and stress.



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