I had counseling today & let me tell you, it felt amazing. It helps so greatly to be able to talk to someone that is completely on the outside of everything going on & having them help guide you & understand you with no judgment at all. I hadn’t seen my counsler for a month because things kept coming up so it was so very needed. I got a lot off my chest, talked about, & came up with some solutions & ways to help cope. She said I’m a different person from the last time I was there a month ago. I have the weekend when I was participating in the Grounded & Moving workshop & all my supporters to thank for that & myself.

My babies got to spend a few hours with their dad. It helped with both of them. They said they feel better that they got to spend some time with them. Little #1 and Little #2 got their very own first library cards afterwards with me! Yay! They were beyond excited & even got to pick out their own library cards & got to check out two books they found by themselves. I can’t believe how big they are getting! Them & I had a few good talks today. All of us are feeling a lot better now.



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