Keep Doing Your Best

Oh my.. parenting is hard! You never know if you are doing the right thing or giving the right advice. You always think you are running your kids life.

But the truth is, you aren’t. You are doing the best you can and are doing what’s best for your kids. As long as you are there for you kids, taking care of them, and doing your best, I’m pretty sure you, by far, aren’t ruining their lives in any way.

Sometimes you may feel like you are because of the temper tantrums, hard days, and meltdowns but that’s all part of being a kid and being a parent. You can’t take everything to heart and always think it’s about you because it isn’t. It’s about your kid. He/she just has all these big feelings and doesn’t know how to express themselves or explain them. That’s part of being a kid.

Keep your head up, keep doing the best you can, and keep loving your kids. In the end, they will realize everything you have done for them and will be so thankful.

You’re doing a good job! Keep it up!


One thought on “Keep Doing Your Best

  1. moylomenterprises says:

    Really needed to hear this…
    On the bad days I wonder “what in the world was I thinking to have kids?”
    But on the good days it’s all worth it.
    Just have to remember to breathe and take things in stride… for better or worse they’re my munchkins and I love them to pieces.


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